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Dust control scheme of cement plant

2020-10-31 10:24:42


Main technical parameters of aotu-135 Fan (frequency conversion control): 55 kW 2950 R / min Wind pressure: 1860pa Air volume: 4600 M ³/ min

As we all know, there are large and small cement plants distributed in all provinces and states throughout the country. Their emergence has had a serious impact on the lives of surrounding residents and caused harm to the environment and air pollution to a certain extent. The emergence of cement plant has also accelerated the number of lung cancer patients, so it is urgent to rectify the dust problem of cement plant, which is also concerned by the whole society.

How is dust formed in cement plant?

Dust in cement plant is mainly formed by flue gas from drying materials, waste gas from grinding, flue gas from shaft kiln, flue gas from kiln head and tail of dry rotary kiln. Compared with ordinary dust, the dust produced by cement has strong corrosivity, high moisture content in flue gas and high dust concentration.

Dust removal is the "key"!

Dust in cement plant has fatal harm to people's health, so dust removal is the direct and key problem.

How to remove dust?

Bag filter is generally used for dust removal in cement plant. Bag filter is mainly used for dust removal of raw materials; For dust removal of shaft kiln flue gas, pulse bag dust collector is generally used because the exhaust of flue gas exceeds the standard; The dust removal of cement dust mainly adopts air box pulse bag dust collector, which has large cleaning force and high efficiency. The disadvantages of bag filter are: the limitation of temperature bearing capacity is large; The resistance is slightly higher; The cost of replacing related products - cloth bags is high; When the temperature is high, the damage degree of the cloth bag is high, and the probability of flammability of the cloth bag is high. However, the air purification equipment (AOTU-135 type wind driven remote sprayer) produced by Kunming Otto environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is in the "three high" mode, with high operational performance, high efficiency and high environmental protection in dealing with the dust hazards of cement factories, and is among the best in the same industry.

Characteristics of aotu-135 vehicle mounted product

1. Flexible, compact structure, reasonable layout, fine workmanship of components, perfect product configuration and good operation performance;

2. Long range, large coverage area, fine spray particles, rapid contact with dust in the air, and form a tide;

3. Wet fog body can increase the self weight of dust, accelerate the precipitation of dust and inhibit the diffusion of dust;

4. It has wide application scope, high efficiency, fast spraying speed, strong penetrability to dust and adhesion of fog beads, and can effectively save water and reduce environmental pollution. It can realize remote central control / remote control compatibility, fast start, safe use, flexibility and convenience;

6. The horizontal rotation of the microcomputer controlled purification equipment (+ 160) can be set according to the user's requirements. The spray is convenient and the coverage area is large.

7. The hydraulic system controls the pitch angle (-10 to 45 degrees), and the spray height can be adjusted conveniently.

作者: Kunming Aotu environmental protection equipment Co
Dust control scheme of cement plant
Main technical parameters of aotu-135 Fan (frequency conversion control): 55 kW 2950 R / min Wind pressure: 1860pa Air volume: 4600 M ³/ min


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