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Kunming AOTU Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (AOTU company) was established in 1996, the registered capital of 53 million yuan, about 86 million yuan in fixed assets. The company is headquartered in the spring of the beautiful Spring City - Kunming National Economic and Technological Development Zone TuoXiang Road 1-2-4, now more than 180 employees (professional R & D staff of 26 people, including one person in aerodynamics, Registered environmental engineer 2, mechanical design senior engineer 1, mechanical design engineer 3, the aircraft automatic control senior engineer 1, 2 industrial automation engineers, 2 radio engineers, thermal and power engineering engineers 2, computer science and technology engineers 3 people, electrical technology engineers 1, mechanical processing technology division 1, physical and chemical engineers 2, molecular materials 1 people, etc.), with elegant environment of the office area 3680 square meters and 38000 square meters of production base (a total of 12 workshops, including : Production workshop 8, the finished product library 2, 2), is a professional management of air pollution, haze PM2.5, PM10, dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrides, particulate suspended solids of high-tech research and development and manufacturing enterprise.

AOTU have all kinds of patents 66 (including invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of patents). The company's AOB® technology is the latest technology from Brownian Diffusion, a new technology that is more advanced, more scientific, less energy-efficient, and more effective with TVOC air purification technology and traditional HEPA filtration technology. Of the air source catalyst, photocatalyst, cited ozone, negative ions, blue light, carbon treatment and other air treatment methods, is the field of atmospheric air management of the world's leading air treatment of new technologies. The company relies on its own core technology "high-end AOB® air purification technology", dedicated to the development, production and sales of remote fogging and dusting equipment, air purifier, air purifier, dust control dust damper, urban air purification system. The production of products are made of high quality materials manufacturing, with a safe, stable, reliable, good environmental adaptability, low energy consumption and other significant features, the service life of more than 8 years.

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AOTU's main core team and technical core are from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, is a good at production, management, research and development, market development of high-quality team, we uphold the "people-oriented, reputation first, customer first" business philosophy and To "science and technology as the basis, to control atmospheric air pollution," the product concept, the latest scientific research into products to the world, with technology to create the future, to provide the world's best all-round air purification treatment program, first-class products And services.

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