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AOTU History

In 1996 AOTU company was born, founder GuanFu.Liu. In the shabby lab of Polytechnic University, three entrepreneurs began to study the issue of air pollution control.

In 1998 AOTU developed the world's leading AOB® technology based on Brownian Diffusion to develop its own first air purifier.

In 1999 we successfully developed the air purification equipment series of the first generation AOB® technology of Aotu to market.

In 2000 AOTU air purification equipment series of mass production, favored by the majority of users and trust, the rapid development of the company.

In 2003 AOTU second-generation AOB® technology of air purification machine products to market, market demand began to grow rapidly.

In 2006 air pollution, haze PM2.5, dust control field was born in the Austrian AOTU third generation AOB®  technology air purifier series; dust king to push the Asian market.

In 2008 venture capital companies to inject capital, the company began to develop urban air purification system.

In 2010 AOTU fourth generation AOB® technology products: urban air purification system available.

In 2012  AOTU company proposed "to the world a clean environment, give the world a fresh air" - the world factory concept, the company globalization.

In 2013 AOTU company to the global launch of air pollution, haze PM2.5, dust control experts: urban air purification system

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