What are the components of the spray dust removal equipment?

In the modern society, there will be all kinds of dust and dust in the air of the city or some special environment. Then we first understand the components and characteristics of the spray dust suppression equipment.

The spray dust removal equipment is mainly composed of the components of the air duct, the pitch adjusting device, the rotary bracket assembly, the spraying system, the base, the electric control system and the auxiliary parts.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and convenient maintenance. And dust spray equipment can make effective use of water resources, water mist on the uniform, easy to cause the water spray dust dust yard, can achieve precise spray, spray and dust particles are tiny, floating contact, forming a damp mist, dust suppression can quickly sink; followed by long range, skill strong, wide coverage, spraying speed, high working efficiency, flexible operation, safe and reliable use, remote control, manual, automatic three modes of operation can be arbitrarily selected, can control the regulation of horizontal rotating spray angle; finally is fixedly arranged in the concrete pouring of the platform, but also supporting diesel generator power supply installation in transportation vehicles, can also according to different site layout, the selection of mobile, fixed, trailer, tower type etc.. 
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