How to control the water fog artillery?

The first use of fog artillery users, always think that water fog artillery bigger is better, in fact, this idea is not correct. The greater the amount of water fog artillery, by spraying road distance becomes short, resulting in the number of water fog artillery tank increased, round-trip drive relative consumption increases, its economic benefits will decline.

In fact, the amount of water spray, there is no one standard parameters, the actual situation should depend on the actual situation of the area and the weather. When the road surface is extremely dry or poor air quality, corresponding to increased water volume; After rain the sky looks blue. sections still damp, it should be relatively reduced water volume. If the road is dirt or sand too much, for road sweeping vehicles or workers finish cleaning, then fog artillery operation.

The water content is too large, easy to cause the low-lying sections of water, water will flow into the sewer along the road, the formation of a double waste of water resources and economy, hit the ground soil is excessive, it is easy to form the muddy ground, two pollution caused more serious, and even block the sewer may. When the ground is dry, it is easy to form a large area of dust and pollution, to the sanitation workers sweep the road inconvenience. 
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