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Spray dust suppression vehicle in city spray dust operation

In order to effectively curb the dust pollution of various types of buildings, municipal construction sites and coal dumping sites, the major city governments decided to use aerosol spraying vehicles to implement dust suppression operations at various construction sites throughout the city. It is understood that this new spray dust truck not only dust suppression effect is excellent, but also time and effort. This is also an effective measure to normalize urban air pollution control.

North of the city, especially in winter, the air is dry and dusty, and air pollution in the eastern region of China the main source of PM2.5 is different, the northern region of the atmosphere is the main source of inhalable particles in PM10, followed by PM2.5. The air pollution mainly from construction, traffic caused by dust, coal dust and vehicle exhaust emissions are not up to standard. For the city, the daily use of the sprinkler can only be cleaned on the ground dust, coupled with winter sprinkling easily frozen, so the city's dust suppression is difficult to deal with. While the new car spray dust is by putting water into water in the form of direct atmospheric dust suppression sprinkler, which is not only unable to do so, and the introduction of this machine is relatively free of labor. "The principle of the largest percentage of AOTU" brand spray dust particles and the car using water fog dust size similar adsorption, filtration, condensation, can maximize the inhibition of dust in the atmosphere. "AOTU" brand dust spray equipment with high pressure water mist and dust into sizable drops under the action of the fan, the projectile into the mist distance. Dust particles become moist with contact with water droplets. The moist dust particles continue to adsorb other dust particles, which gradually condense into particles and settle under their own gravity.

Spray dust suppression vehicle in city spray dust operation

The application field of the spray truck is mainly the dust control of the coal and ore yard in the open or closed bin. Neutralization of fire, fire, emergency pollution or chemical accidents. Dust control of sand blasting in shipbuilding, ship repairing and machinery industry. Road spraying deicing agent, deicing and Bridge cleaning, construction, site, removal dust control. Hot environment, artificial rain and sports places cool down. Air purification, concrete treatment plants, garbage dumps, waste incineration plants, battlefield, urban air pollution, dust excessive area.

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