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Fog cannon posts should be contaminated with dust at the site

Ground fog cannon and water guns, high-altitude spray tower crane system, a number of environmental protection techniques together battle, the site every day "rain", these means of governance to reduce dust 70%. Yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee set up nearly 100 inspection teams, sent 500 teams, uninterrupted inspection of the city's construction site, and urge the construction site to stop related work, strengthen construction dust control work.

Enter in the construction site, and suddenly drop from the clouds. This is not a sudden change in the weather, but this site is to prevent dust secret weapons - fog cannon are operating.

"Fog cannon" is known as the long-range fog sprayer. "PM2.5 dust is small and light, floating in the air down. We should turn the dust into small fat and fall off one by one." Technical personnel, PM2.5 particles are very small, only a hair 1/25, ordinary water particles can not come into contact with it, using a sonic boom fog gun way, the water molecules can be broken into smaller particles, and the dust particles more easily with. Fine PM2.5 particles are wetted by water mist and continue to adsorb other dust particles, which gradually condense into particles and eventually subside due to their gravity.

In this site, spray facilities installed in the tower crane on the same powerful fog gun can rotate 320 degrees, earthwork construction area of spouting water can cover 80 meters in diameter.

Fog cannon posts should be contaminated with dust at the site

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