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Spray dust truck on the streets to control dust

Preventing air pollution and reducing road dust is one of the most important links. City through sprinkler, cleaning and other methods, to minimize road dust, dust phenomenon, urban management departments found the road problems, but also ordered the relevant departments for rectification.
Spray dust truck on the streets to control dust
Morning, the reporter saw in the canal road and Zhaiqiao Xu, a car is spray water spray dust into the air. At noon, in the air port, Zheng Han Road, there are spray dust vehicles in operation. In the afternoon, the dust is obviously reduced and the air is fresh. People around the country praised the fallout from the aerosol dust truck.

The working principle of spray dust car is the use of high pressure water pipeline pressure, after input to the high-pressure nozzle atomization device formed floats in the air in the mist, mist fog mist ejection system will be sent to the distant, water mist to adsorption in the air, fine dust and aerosols, to achieve dust in the atmosphere. At the same time.

Spray dust car scope: City demolition site, metallurgy of iron and steel enterprises, mining area, coal chemical industry, cement plant, power plant, construction, materials and mineral products factory, concrete piled up in the open air treatment plants, garbage dumps, plants, sand plant, dry material warehouse, blasting and severe dust area large truck unloading area, port, storage area, city air pollution of dust and other parts of the region exceed the standard of water spray cooling, dust, waste incineration.

City Environmental Protection Bureau later to introduce ten such spray dust truck, to bring fresh air to the city, so that people away from haze.

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