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Coal dust control imminent

Energy, it occupies a very critical position. It is a guarantee energy to promote the progress of the state and society, and is the basic material for the development of the national economy and the survival of mankind. China's energy production is in the world's total production of third, but China's consumption is also ranked second in the world consumption. At present, 91% of disposable energy is supplied by fossil fuels, but in fact, coal mines occupy a vital role. Coal mining industry is a basic industry in china. It is the basis for the production of raw materials, China's coal production is the world's first, of which only a number of practitioners, the world's first. Chinese is a "rich in coal, oil, gas country. The coal mine in promoting the process of economic development has played a significant role, so people call it "black gold", in recognition of its important value. We should also make it clear that minerals are highly dangerous industries. Ensuring the safety of production has been the focus and difficulty of coal mine enterprise management, and it is also the duty bound task of coal mining enterprises.
Coal dust control imminent
The dust produced by the coal mine industry will cause the workers to suffer from pneumoconiosis, which will cause the explosion of coal dust, which will seriously endanger the health and safety of the coal miners. After investigation and analysis, China has about 1200000 people suffering from severe pneumoconiosis, and pneumoconiosis patients have reached more than half of the world's population, increasing at a rate of about 15000 people per year. We will hear or encounter major accidents such as floods, fires and gas explosions on radio or television, but the death toll from pneumoconiosis is more than 10 times a year. In 2010, 23812 cases of pneumoconiosis occupation disease prevention and control work of the Ministry of health briefing, new cases of coal workers pneumoconiosis patients in 12564 cases, 9870 cases of silicosis patients, they accounted for 94.21%, which accounted for 57.75% of the coal industry. The report also showed that pneumoconiosis accounted for 87.42% of the total cases of occupational diseases. 679 cases died of pneumoconiosis, and the age of pneumoconiosis decreased gradually. From the present situation, pneumoconiosis is the most important occupational disease in China, and it has an impact on the progress of the coal industry and social stability. In addition, under certain conditions can cause some dust explosion in our country has a strong explosive coal dust proportion as high as 58%. Coal mine accidents accounted for a large proportion of catastrophic accidents caused by dust in the gas explosion. In addition, to reduce the service life of precision instruments, speed up mechanical wear and reduce visibility in the workplace, it is said that coal dust hazards. In short, without dust and effective control, production safety and miners mine's physical and mental health are threatened with harm.

As a carrier of coal transportation, coal conveyer belt carries a lot of dust during the process of carrying coal. Belt drive is used to drive the belt, and it is an important part of the coal belt system, so it is also an important dust producing point. The belt drive is also a serious pollution of the dust space. In order to improve the health and safety of coal miners and the safe production of coal mines, it is necessary to carry out dust control measures for dust pollution in the drive room.

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