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Dust control scheme for bulk cargo terminal of port

Due to the large ship, waterway transportation has a large volume, low energy consumption and low cost advantages, such as coal, ore and mineral building materials such as bulk cargo transport, basically by waterway transportation, which is often light and fine, in the loading and unloading, transport and other links will be accompanied by a large number of the diffusion of dust, especially in the windy season is more obvious. These dust not only caused by pollution on the surrounding environment and the health of the people also harm especially below 10um respirable dust particles to harm people's respiratory system is larger, it is mainly caused by the disease, occupation of pneumoconiosis etc. Therefore, how to eliminate dust pollution, protect human health, is the world's first issue.

Dust control scheme for bulk cargo terminal of port

At present, the loading and unloading equipments used in bulk cargo terminals are mainly ship loader, ship unloader, stacker reclaimer, dumper, belt conveyer, etc.. These devices with dust removal device usually adopts dry dust collector or wet dust, dry dust collector with bag filter mode, wet dust mainly by water spraying mode, these two kinds of dust not only high energy consumption of water also generated wastes can also cause two pollution to the environment. Can not eliminate dust particles of less than 10m.

With the development of dust environmental technology, a new technology called dry fog dust suppression, is widely used in the bulk cargo wharf, it is the use of water and compressed air in the nozzle contact, by producing less than 1~10um water, the water contact, and fine dust adsorption, together to form a group, finally under the action of gravity and settlement, and return to the dust source, in the source to effectively suppress dust diffusion, removing dust and mist particles, because of the very small, when in contact with the human body can hardly feel its existence, so it is called dry fog.

There are a lot of defects present situation of dust dust suppression equipment, bulk process, the loading dock is mainly: loading and unloading process materials, stacker yard, transport and port cargo transfer process inside and outside of the belt, there is a gap between the goods in transit, and this gap makes the spread of dust, in order to stop the diffusion of dust, now the bulk cargo wharf, are equipped with dust removal facilities in loading and unloading and conveying equipment, in order to reduce the spread of dust.

The bulk cargo wharf in the front and rear of the ship loading and unloading material piling, because the area of operation, the operating point is not fixed, loading and unloading stacking process will produce a lot of dust, to suppress dust diffusion, basically use the water spray dust suppression way, but this way not only dust, water and sewage. Recycling is difficult. On the ship and container yard and port of material transport using continuous conveying equipment, the transfer point fixed area dust diffusion is small, basically use the bag type dust collector, but this kind of dust collecting equipment with high energy consumption, dust filtering is not complete, there are two dust recycling and disposal problems.

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