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Fog cannon machine at the site, dust control haze

Air pollution control policy came out, around the site have introduced fog cannon dust reduction, in any place, fog cannon for atomization effect, does not produce water and moisture, no corrosive effect on the metal equipment, can protect the production equipment safety, and low cost, environmental protection and energy saving, quick installation, reasonable design, price the higher is the dust, market choice, future development will be immeasurable, a bright future.

Fog cannon machine at the site, dust control haze

fog cannon machine AOTU fog cannon engine manufacturers and has stable working performance, automatic control system, ensure the stability of the key performance of fog cannon machine equipment at work, the application of spray device on the device, to achieve the purpose of energy saving equipment dust, dust can reach the purpose of. The function of the blower is to send the water mist from the spraying device to the air, so as to achieve the purpose of adsorbing dust at high altitude. With different customer needs of fog cannon machine, fog machine manufacturers of AOTU gun for improved fog cannon machine equipment optimization, such as fog cannon machine equipment used in the mine, has the ability to spray, and long time uninterrupted work. So as to achieve the efficiency of dust reduction in mine. The mobile fog cannon is suitable for dust spraying in cities, roads, gardens, material fields and construction sites, and also can be used for environmental protection in factories and factories.

AOTU is the earlier production of descending fog fog artillery gun machine, professional manufacturers, the company has all kinds of spray dust 66 patents (including patents, utility model patents, patent), is a professional management organization without discharge of dust, haze, PM2.5 PM10 of a high-tech enterprises.
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