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Dust fog connon can effectively control dust pollution

In the present life, from developed to developing countries, from agricultural society to industrial civilization, economic development and environmental protection is always "zero" game relationship. At present, the world economic development after a hundred years of history, the relative reduction in the supply of environmental resources, and its demand is increasing, the scarcity of resources has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, the developed countries have gone through the "first economic development, after the governance environment," the road has gone, do not protect environmental resources, the economy simply can not achieve development. China should take the road of both, should introduce dust pollution fog guns to control environmental pollution.
Dust fog connon can effectively control dust pollution
Dust fog guns, also known as fog guns, fog gun is based on the wind to send the principle of the first use of imported high-pressure pump, fine atomization nozzle will be water atomization, and then use the fan air volume and wind pressure will spray to the fog Distance, making the water fog to reach a longer distance while covering a larger area, water mist and dust condensation after landing, so as to achieve the purpose of dust.

Fog gun spray equipment mainly by the hairdryer components, pitch adjustment device, rotating bracket components, sprinkler system, base, electronic control system, accessories and other parts of the whole set of equipment easy to use, easy maintenance, connected to water and electricity can be used. 
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