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Fog cannon can effectively control the coal preparation plant dust

From the current situation of China's coal preparation plant dust, according to the determination, in the absence of dust control measures, the belt head dust concentration of up to 1000 ~ 1500mg / m3, and fully mechanized top-coal caving face dust than the general Mining face is more serious, coal miners, shift planes and coal-fired parallel operations, some coal mine individual instantaneous total dust concentration even as high as 3000mg / m3. Even if the measures taken, the majority of the belt head of the situation is still very poor, has seriously exceeded the national standards, the urgent need to use dust gun dust control system dust.
Fog cannon can effectively control the coal preparation plant dust        
The high concentration of dust in the coal preparation plant not only deteriorates the operating environment, increases the workers' operating processes, affects the health of the workers, and brings potential safety threats to the coal preparation plants. Of pollution. Therefore, it is an important task for the mine to be solved urgently, and it is also an important work of the coal preparation plant to ensure the safe production and improve the dust removal efficiency of the coal preparation plant. Therefore, it is an important task to study the dust and fog gun system of the coal preparation plant. one.
In recent years, high pressure fog cannon dust removal technology has been used in many foreign coal mines, dust effect is also very significant. The reason for the high dustfall is the high coagulation efficiency of water mist and dust particles. In the low-pressure spray, the water droplets through the inertial collision, blocking dust collection, Brown's comprehensive role in the spread of dust; and the use of high-pressure spray not only low-pressure spray when the four mechanisms, but also to bring a higher water mist Positive and negative charge, thus significantly improving the single water mist particles on the fine dust collection efficiency, thus significantly improving the sedimentation rate of dust and dust.

The use of high-pressure water flow as a medium, through the adjustment of parameters, can carry high-energy water for the broken water droplets, resulting in excellent atomization effect. The research of the fog gun dust reduction system at the coal preparation plant will develop towards subtle (less than 5μm of respiratory dust) and automation. Pressure water spray dust can make the hydrostatic pressure can be converted into water droplets kinetic energy, for the capture of less than 5μm of the respiratory dust provides an effective way. 
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