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Development Status of Remote Fog Cannon at Home and Abroad

In recent decades, foreign research on the development of remote fogs in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have been very extensive, they developed the wind-driven remote sprayers are widely used in mine dust, pesticide irrigation and fire fighting and other fields. The most representative of foreign spray dust companies are Fog Connon, Dust Boss, Dust Control, BKB and so on.
Fog Connon is currently the world's largest environmental protection fog dust removal company. The company's wind-driven remote long-range fog gun to the lowest water consumption to suppress 90% of the air in the dust. The company has developed a range of products in cooperation with the Milan Polytechnic University, which ranges from 30 m to 500 m, and its design and development of the longest range of 500 m long-range remote fog gun using diesel engine as the power source Water for 1600 L / min can be applied to large open dust occasions, this remote fog gun has become the world's longest range of long-range fog gun.
Development Status of Remote Fog Cannon at Home and Abroad
Dust Boss in the United States also plays an important role in the production of remote fog cannon. It is proposed to make the most effective fog dust, droplet diameter should be 50-200 um, and there is enough air volume can be sent to the designated location of the droplets. The company's products such as DB-30, DB-45, DB-60, DB-100, etc., a range of 30 m, 45 m, 60 m, 100 m. In addition to a range of 100 m long-range fog cannon, other series of products are mobile, with high flexibility, which can more effectively inhibit the dynamic dust. In order to prevent harmful dust into the site, the design of the tower-type long-range fog gun, greatly reducing the possibility of site dust.
Development Status of Remote Fog Cannon at Home and Abroad
Aiming at the remote fog gun, domestic and foreign scholars have carried on various research and analysis. In this paper, the velocity field distribution model of the airflow field of the dry-type sprayer of the HardiLB-255 orchard was established based on the working mechanism of the orchard sprayer and the CFD simulation. The distribution characteristics of its velocity field are verified, and the simulation results are verified by design experiments. The results show that the boundary conditions and structural parameters of the two-dimensional flow field of the remote fog can be determined by using the relevant performance parameters of the remote fog gun. The results show that the droplet deposition trajectory and the external The results show that the simulation results of the two-dimensional flow field model can be more accurate in a certain area (not more than 240 cm from the center of the fan). The results show that the simulation results show that the simulation results show that the simulation results show that the simulation results show that the simulation results Reflect the law of droplet deposition. Guo Feng, who according to the distribution of the internal wind field of the sprayer, the internal structure of the sprayer was optimized to optimize the design of the deflector, and the effect of the optimized structure was proved by experiments. The experimental results show that the sprayer The uniformity of the field is significantly improved. MA Delele et al. Can optimize the design and operating parameters of the sprayer by CFD simulation to minimize the environmental pollution caused by the off-site sedimentation of the pesticide. The optimized parameters mainly include the speed of the sprayer, the speed of the sprayer fan, the number and size of the nozzle, Direction and the pressure of the liquid.

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