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Haze serious! See how Mexicans respond

After 11 years, Mexico City on the 14th of this month for the first time released a warning of air pollution, and for several days without the alarm lifted. Faced with this ferocious air pollution, the Mexican city government has also taken a number of measures to deal with.
Since the 12th of this month, Mexico City, air pollution continues to intensify, so the government had to start a few days of air pollution warning, but also in the 14th of this week to raise air pollution warning to a level, which is nearly 10 years to Mexico City The first consecutive days of high air pollution alarm.

Air pollution intensified, Mexican President Peña Nieto 15 also said in his personal social account, for the capital of more than 20 million residents of health and good air quality, the Government will take stringent measures to clean up the air.
Under the order of the President, the city government issued an urgent notice overnight: no matter what the exhaust gas inspection, all license plate mantissa 3 and 4 of the vehicle on March 16 are not allowed on the road, all license plate mantissa 1 and 2 vehicles on the 17th 5 It is not allowed on the road at 22 o'clock; the other vehicle license plate number 0,2,4,6 and 8 vehicles, exhaust gas inspection results for the first or second level, nor allowed on the road. The line will be implemented in 16 major districts of Mexico City and 18 towns near Mexico City. Mexican Mayor Miguel Angel Mansella said the move would limit about 1.1 million cars in the city. According to statistics, the current daily traffic in Mexico City vehicles nearly 5 million, which is equivalent to about one-fifth of the vehicles can not be on the road. At the same time, in order to encourage people to use public transport travel, the Mexican city government also announced from 16 onwards, the indoor bus and subway system all free of charge.

Taking into account the Mexican city of ozone levels of ultra-safety standards nearly twice, government officials suggested that the public to reduce outdoor activities, some primary and secondary schools also take temporary measures to protect students' health, part of the outdoor groups and cultural activities are also canceled.

Mexican Environment Minister Alejandro Pakiano said that if the situation can not be improved, will take further measures, such as ordered the factory temporarily suspended.
Haze serious! See how Mexicans respond
Residents living in Mexico City for a long time can clearly feel that in the past five years, the air quality here is getting worse. In 2014, due to the high ozone concentration, the authorities issued a total of three air pollution warnings; in 2015 issued a total of 7 times; and this year just past three of the past three years, the United States and the United States, Months, has issued three air pollution warning. The data show that the past five years, Mexico City respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease incidence is also on the rise, which is also a direct relationship with the decline in air quality.
It is argued that the new traffic law introduced in Mexico City is one of the main causes of increased environmental pollution. As a result of the 2014 New Mexico City Traffic New Deal, the maximum speed of the city's main road was adjusted to 50 kilometers per hour, resulting in an average of about 5 million vehicles per day with an average speed of 8 to 10 kilometers per day In the size of the city streets, resulting in a lot of car exhaust. Not only that, Mexico City traffic control department in 2015 to relax the vehicle on the road policy, an increase of old models on the road days, resulting in the current average daily car more than about 600,000, resulting in more serious air pollution. Due to the influence of driving habits, Mexican residents prefer to buy large displacement cars, with ink city vehicles average age of 12 years, but also virtually increase the exhaust emissions of vehicles, further affecting the city's air quality.

Mexico City is located in the plateau, surrounded by mountains, its geographical environment is very conducive to air circulation, a little attention will lead to increased air pollution. From the middle of the last century, Mexico into the industrial period, in Mexico City and its surrounding, tens of thousands of factories where they stand, the country's population, vehicles gathered in Mexico City, and soon became a population of 20 million and a large number of reinforced concrete Of the super metropolis, air pollution problems also followed, once became "plateau haze city". Since the beginning of the 1990s, Mexico City began to air control through a variety of means, has achieved remarkable results, has become the world's metropolis in the "haze" model. Now, in the face of air pollution, "the counterattack", the government probably can not be taken lightly, how to avoid spending nearly 20 years of haze results destroyed, through more high-tech means and further policy control to prevent air pollution, this issue may Should be put on the Mexican city government manager as soon as possible. 
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